Breaking Down Trump’s Ron DeSantis Rant

You know, I wasn't expecting to write again this week, but an all-time rant from former President Donald Trump on his Truth Social site forced me back to the keyboard before week's end. After his chief rival for the 2024 nomination, Ron DeSantis, needled Trump about "hush money to a porn star," Trump took off… Continue reading Breaking Down Trump’s Ron DeSantis Rant


On Freedom and Traffic Lights

I recently watched the miniseries 1883, a prequel to Paramount's hit, Yellowstone. The series had what might be my favorite performance of this young decade: the great Sam Elliott as grizzled Civil War veteran and wagon train leader Captain Shea Brennan. He'd been hired by a group of European immigrants -- the subtitles insisted they… Continue reading On Freedom and Traffic Lights

Raise Your Hand If You Want Trump-Biden II (I’ll Wait)

Our political system is broken. To be clear, I don't write that sentence as a Marxist who wants to shred a Constitution written by the landed aristocracy. In truth, most of our broken political system is the result of post-Constitutional practices. The Senate is fine, but the post-Constitution filibuster has made it a dead end.… Continue reading Raise Your Hand If You Want Trump-Biden II (I’ll Wait)

Scenarios for the 2024 Republican Primary, Ranked

Since I started writing about politics 15 years ago, part of my success in divining the results of every primary save one (you won't believe who the Republicans nominated in 2016) has stemmed from an approach of mapping out possible scenarios. In 2019 and 2020, for example, I thought more scenarios funneled to Joe Biden… Continue reading Scenarios for the 2024 Republican Primary, Ranked

Nikki Haley 2024: Why?

If we're permitted to stretch the meaning of this sentence's penultimate word, the 2024 Republican Primary has its second major candidate. That candidate is Nikki Haley, who joins Donald Trump in the field. To find her chances of becoming the Republican nominee, one must first request permission to squint into the strongest microscope at the… Continue reading Nikki Haley 2024: Why?

Biden 2024: I Guess We’re Doing This?

Tuesday's State of the Union address made clear what many of us had suspected for months: Joe Biden, who entered high school when the U.S. had only 48 states, is about to run for re-election. On his first day in office, the 78-year-old Biden was already the oldest president in history. If he completes his… Continue reading Biden 2024: I Guess We’re Doing This?

Implications of Democrats’ Proposed Early State Scramble

The Democrats are finally changing their primary calendar... maybe. Although the Republican Party, being the good conservatives they are, will continue with the traditional early primary states, the Democratic National Committee is looking to shift things around. For years there had been momentum behind removing Iowa and New Hampshire as Democrats' first caucus and primary.… Continue reading Implications of Democrats’ Proposed Early State Scramble

And That’s Why 51 Matters: Sinema Leaves the Democratic Party

On Tuesday, I wrote about how the Georgia runoff greatly mattered even though Democrats had already secured a Constitutional Senate majority (50 senators plus the Vice President) in the next session. Among the reasons Democrats wanted to get to 51 was that a Democratic senator could die, be otherwise unable to vote, or even leave… Continue reading And That’s Why 51 Matters: Sinema Leaves the Democratic Party

Why the Georgia Runoff Matters (and Who Will Win It)

After some soccer to distract us from politics, today politics returns to center stage. Like some horror movie, the midterms are back from the dead for one last dramatic moment. (Just when you thought it was safe to go outside, District of Columbia Pictures presents... "Georgia Runoff III: Republicans' Revenge"!) Once again, a Georgia runoff… Continue reading Why the Georgia Runoff Matters (and Who Will Win It)

Democrats 2024: An Unranked Top Ten

That's right. The Microsoft Paint artwork is back, baby! Last post, I categorized a few dozen fringe contenders for the 2024 Democratic nomination, but I left you on a cliffhanger: the top ten. Below, I have that top ten. Please note that these are listed alphabetically. It's far too early for a ranking. 1. Joe… Continue reading Democrats 2024: An Unranked Top Ten