From Roe to Obergefell, Part II: Protecting Marriage Equality

In my last post, I considered the possibility that Justice Samuel Alito's leaked Dobbs v. Jackson draft might signal a threat to other judicial precedents when future cases arrive at the Court. Focusing on Obergefell v. Hodges's protection of same-sex marriage, I answered the first three of five related questions: 1. What was Obergefell v.… Continue reading From Roe to Obergefell, Part II: Protecting Marriage Equality

First Roe, Next Obergefell?

Last week's emergency post on the Dobbs v. Jackson leaked draft gave PPFA is highest weekly readership of the year, so I'm here to give the people more of what they want. As I noted in that post, both the ruling itself and the fact that there was a leak are each really big deals… Continue reading First Roe, Next Obergefell?

Nine Takeaways on the Dobbs v. Jackson Leak

(Note to readers: today was supposed to be Part II of my Six Months Out preview of the midterms. In it, I was going to tell you who was going win the Senate. I even had the podcast episode ready to drop at the same time. But apparently some leaker, working in cahoots with Politico,… Continue reading Nine Takeaways on the Dobbs v. Jackson Leak

Abortion, Part III: Dobbs v. Jackson (and the Looming Demise of Roe v. Wade)

Part I: Abortion and America: The Impossible DebatePart II: Abortion and the Law (plus a podcast on the topic) (Today's post is also available as a podcast.) We've now looked at abortion-related moral and political philosophy, abortion polling, abortion's history in the United States, Griswold v. Connecticut's establishment of the right to privacy, Roe v.… Continue reading Abortion, Part III: Dobbs v. Jackson (and the Looming Demise of Roe v. Wade)

Abortion, Part II: Abortion and the Law (the “right to privacy” & Roe v. Wade)

Remember, today's post will be reissued as an episode on PPFA's new podcast feed, available on Anchor, Spotify, and Apple. Go become a subscriber so you know when the episode drops! Now that we've considered some of the political and philosophical opinions on abortion, let's examine the legal ones. Today's post has three phases: A… Continue reading Abortion, Part II: Abortion and the Law (the “right to privacy” & Roe v. Wade)


Perhaps because I want to alienate the few people that read this website, today I'm going to write about abortion. Abortion is among the most divisive issues in the United States -- perhaps the most divisive. The reasons for this divisiveness, I believe, fall into two general categories: Abortion is less a matter of facts… Continue reading Abortion

The Neil Gorsuch Dilemma

Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearings will be the biggest story in the country next week. If you want to follow it, understand its context, and, most importantly, impress people at a party, hopefully today's post helps you... Next week is the confirmation hearing for Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Trump's nominee to fill the vacancy left behind… Continue reading The Neil Gorsuch Dilemma