Implications of Democrats’ Proposed Early State Scramble

The Democrats are finally changing their primary calendar... maybe. Although the Republican Party, being the good conservatives they are, will continue with the traditional early primary states, the Democratic National Committee is looking to shift things around. For years there had been momentum behind removing Iowa and New Hampshire as Democrats' first caucus and primary.… Continue reading Implications of Democrats’ Proposed Early State Scramble

Democrats 2024: An Unranked Top Ten

That's right. The Microsoft Paint artwork is back, baby! Last post, I categorized a few dozen fringe contenders for the 2024 Democratic nomination, but I left you on a cliffhanger: the top ten. Below, I have that top ten. Please note that these are listed alphabetically. It's far too early for a ranking. 1. Joe… Continue reading Democrats 2024: An Unranked Top Ten

October Surprise! PPFA Returns for Midterms Coverage

I'm back, and I can't apologize enough for that. There might legitimately be something wrong with my brain. Do I get paid for this? No. Does it take time to write? Obviously. So why do I do it? I honestly don't know anymore. But with an election looming, I just can't stay away. When we… Continue reading October Surprise! PPFA Returns for Midterms Coverage

It’s Not Just about January 6

I'm not breaking news when I say that at any given time, half the country doesn’t want to talk about important things we have to deal with. These days, for example, Democrats don’t want to talk about the effects of their myopic fiscal policy on inflation. They don’t want to talk about progressive policies leading… Continue reading It’s Not Just about January 6

The 2022 Midterms: Six Months Out

It's now six months before the party of inflation and mandates takes on the party of overturning free and fair elections. I can't wait to see who America picks! Four years ago, when we were six months away from the 2018 midterms, I made official predictions from which I never wavered: the Democrats were going… Continue reading The 2022 Midterms: Six Months Out

How Our Parties Switched: Part VII (Conclusion)

Against all odds, you're back. Despite the last six parts of this series, you're here for the seventh. I'm humbled. As your reward, today I really will tell you How Our Parties Switched. For those that arrived here as a result of a googling accident, let's recap my last two posts. Parts I through III… Continue reading How Our Parties Switched: Part VII (Conclusion)

How Our Parties Switched, Parts IV-VI

Parts I through III of "How Our Parties Switched" was all about context. I unpacked the historical meanings of "liberal" and "conservative." We took a look at the political tendencies of the British-American colonists up through the American Revolution and Articles of Confederation period, each a victory for liberals who wanted to change traditional systems… Continue reading How Our Parties Switched, Parts IV-VI

How Our Parties Switched, Parts I-III

(It's a long one today. Perhaps you're prefer podcast form? Available at Apple and Spotify) I'd like to describe you the geographic base and general ideology of an American political party, and see if you can guess which one I'm talking about. This party is stronger in the north than in the south. It's more… Continue reading How Our Parties Switched, Parts I-III

The Presidential Line of Succession (2022)

(Quick note: on Friday, my podcast presented an April Fools Challenge. The answer to that challenge will be at the bottom of today's post. If you haven't listened to it yet, there's still time! Just click on that link.) Four years ago, I ran my original "The Presidential Line of Succession" post during the early… Continue reading The Presidential Line of Succession (2022)

From Afghanistan to Ukraine: Strategy, Tactics, & Biden’s Foreign Policy

(This post is also available as a podcast episode.) You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone but diehard partisans say that President Biden has been a strong president. His promise to bring America together has failed. His unrealistic prediction that Republicans would snap out of it once the election evicted President Trump from the White House… Continue reading From Afghanistan to Ukraine: Strategy, Tactics, & Biden’s Foreign Policy