Should Biden Debate? (Yes and No)

Now that President Biden has announced his candidacy to remain our government's chief executive until he's nearly four score and seven years old, much has been made of the Democratic Party having no plans to schedule debates during the primary. Complaints about this decision can be found from all corners of the internet. Most upset,… Continue reading Should Biden Debate? (Yes and No)


The First 2024 Republican Primary Rankings: Rooks & Royalty

Welcome back to "Power Rankings week" here at Presidential Politics For America. On Monday, I debuted this cycle's theme (chess!) and ranked the Democratic candidates. On Wednesday, I began the Republican ranking that I will conclude today. Here's who we had so far: Tier 5: Pawns 28. Former Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney 27. Former Ambassador… Continue reading The First 2024 Republican Primary Rankings: Rooks & Royalty

PPFA’s First 2024 Republican Primary Power Rankings

Last post, I debuted the theme of the 2024 Power Rankings (chess!) before my first Power Rankings of the 2024 Democratic Primary. If history holds, however, that primary won't be that competitive because Democrats have the incumbent, President Biden, running for re-election. Usually it's the party without the president running for re-election that has the… Continue reading PPFA’s First 2024 Republican Primary Power Rankings

Democrats’ Dangerous Game

The dozen readers of this website know that I dislike our two major parties. These days, the strongest case for each party is simply that they are the best chance to stop the other one from gaining power, which isn't exactly an inspirational leading argument. Meanwhile, the case against the parties are also the same:… Continue reading Democrats’ Dangerous Game

The Indictment, the Election, & the Constitution

Did you hear Donald Trump got indicted and charged with committing 34 felonies? The media's been keeping it pretty hush hush. I kid, of course. American history's first indictment of a current or former president is the biggest story in the news, and so Presidential Politics For America is contractually obligated by WordPress to cover… Continue reading The Indictment, the Election, & the Constitution

Trump and Emerson College Polling, Sitting in a Tree

I'm going to show you some post-midterms 2024 Republican nomination polling from Real Clear Politics. As you look over it, I want you to look for former President Donald Trump's best numbers. Then, check which pollster found those results. You found that since the 2022 midterms, only three times has Trump polled over 51%. All… Continue reading Trump and Emerson College Polling, Sitting in a Tree

Breaking Down Trump’s Ron DeSantis Rant

You know, I wasn't expecting to write again this week, but an all-time rant from former President Donald Trump on his Truth Social site forced me back to the keyboard before week's end. After his chief rival for the 2024 nomination, Ron DeSantis, needled Trump about "hush money to a porn star," Trump took off… Continue reading Breaking Down Trump’s Ron DeSantis Rant

Raise Your Hand If You Want Trump-Biden II (I’ll Wait)

Our political system is broken. To be clear, I don't write that sentence as a Marxist who wants to shred a Constitution written by the landed aristocracy. In truth, most of our broken political system is the result of post-Constitutional practices. The Senate is fine, but the post-Constitution filibuster has made it a dead end.… Continue reading Raise Your Hand If You Want Trump-Biden II (I’ll Wait)

Scenarios for the 2024 Republican Primary, Ranked

Since I started writing about politics 15 years ago, part of my success in divining the results of every primary save one (you won't believe who the Republicans nominated in 2016) has stemmed from an approach of mapping out possible scenarios. In 2019 and 2020, for example, I thought more scenarios funneled to Joe Biden… Continue reading Scenarios for the 2024 Republican Primary, Ranked

Nikki Haley 2024: Why?

If we're permitted to stretch the meaning of this sentence's penultimate word, the 2024 Republican Primary has its second major candidate. That candidate is Nikki Haley, who joins Donald Trump in the field. To find her chances of becoming the Republican nominee, one must first request permission to squint into the strongest microscope at the… Continue reading Nikki Haley 2024: Why?