Cruz, Kasich, and Carly Craziness

You know, for a primary that's clearly over (or, at least, one that will be clear to everyone who doesn't realize it four days from now), our road toward Trump's nomination continues to have some fun twists. Just when you thought this primary cycle couldn't get any stranger, Ted Cruz, who has almost no chance at the nomination, picked Carly… Continue reading Cruz, Kasich, and Carly Craziness


A New York State Unkind (to Ted Cruz)

Ted Cruz's chickens have come home to ride the 7 train. Over two months ago, in his desperate attempt to win the Iowa caucuses, Ted Cruz slammed Donald Trump and his "New York values." The purpose was to rally Iowa's sizable evangelical population against what many of them consider east coast liberalism propped up by… Continue reading A New York State Unkind (to Ted Cruz)

Ted Cruz is No Fun

Over the weekend, I read an article that annoyed me to no end: "Inside Ted Cruz's plan to sink Marco Rubio in Florida." I was furious. In the days before the article, both Presidential Politics for America and 2012 nominee Mitt Romney outlined plans to force a contest convention, and those plans involved having Rubio… Continue reading Ted Cruz is No Fun

Rubio & Cruz: What Are They Thinking?

The dominant storyline since the fifth Republican debate has been the ongoing Marco Rubio-Ted Cruz. CNN told us that Rubio "keeps up the pressure" on Cruz. The Week outlines how "Cruz will try to destroy Rubio." And then today, CNN tells us that their rivalry is getting "nastier." Candidates with lesser polling -- including Bush, Fiorina, Kasich, Paul, Graham, and… Continue reading Rubio & Cruz: What Are They Thinking?

The Cruz-Rubio Showdown

Yesterday was my December Power Ranking, which revealed the following hierarchy (previous rankings in parentheses): Tier 6: The Dropouts 17. Bobby Jindal 16. Rick Perry 15. Scott Walker Tier 5: Moving on Up! (Thanks to Tier 6) 14. George Pataki (15, 15, 17) 13. James Gilmore (14, 14, 16) Tier 4: Still Basically No Shot 12.… Continue reading The Cruz-Rubio Showdown

Ted Cruz: Sleeper

This is a long one, so here are some bulleted highlights for my busier readers: Texas Senator Ted Cruz seems to have a stalled campaign. few people consider him a contender. But they don't see what Presidential Politics for America sees. Cruz is polling well in key states and has a stronger foundation for a long… Continue reading Ted Cruz: Sleeper