Super Tuesday 2020 Previewpalooza

Happy Super Tuesday! The first four states were less about the delegates as much as they were about momentum, media interpretations, and how those factors affect today, the day about 35% of pledged delegates are awarded. (Wishful thinking, am I right? Prepare for days of delegate-counting.)

Coming out of South Carolina, Joe Biden has picked up a slew of high-profile endorsements as the primary has evolved into what I expected: despite Sanders’s plurality support in the opening states, as the choices of non-Sanders candidates dwindles, there’s consolidation around Biden, the leading alternative.

Today, the stakes are clear. Sanders remains favored to win the most Super Tuesday delegates thanks to gargantuan California, but Joe Biden is alive, can claim the most states, and should be within reach of a comeback when the Super Tuesdust settles. Though state count doesn’t matter when picking the nominee, the coverage of the Democratic Primary can very much be shaped by it, keeping the Biden Campaign vigorous.

So the two main questions today are:

  1. Sanders will win the most delegates, but how dominant will that number be?
  2. Who wins the most states?

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A Quick Hit Friday for a Super Tuesday

Next week we’ll be obsessed with Iowa. The week after that will be all about New Hampshire. Then Nevada and South Carolina will have their turn in the primary’s limelight. So before our infatuation with the early states usurps our time, let’s take a Quick look at Super Tuesday, now just 40 days away.

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