Republican Super Tuesday Analysis

It's Donald Trump or it's a contested convention. Thanks to Super Tuesday and Marco Rubio's gross inability to connect with voters, there is no third possibility. Here are delegate projections from the 11 Super Tuesday states who were allocating them last night and how my predictions stacked up against them: It appears Cruz will thoroughly beat expectations. More on him… Continue reading Republican Super Tuesday Analysis


Super Tuesday Preview: GOP

We've arrived at Super Tuesday! Yesterday was my preview for the Democrats' eleven states and one American Samoa. Today: the Republicans and their 14 states. Just like yesterday, my goal for this Super Tuesday preview is to roughly predict how delegates will shake out. For each state, I'll have: Delegate allocation rules (which will be much less consistent than… Continue reading Super Tuesday Preview: GOP

Super Tuesday Preview: Democrats

Happy Super Tuesday Eve! Rather than have a gargantuan preview for both parties tomorrow, I'll split them up over two days and hope that today's information isn't outdated in 24 hours. I'll start with the Democrats because, let's face it, their primary isn't nearly as dramatic. South Carolina confirmed the voting patterns we had long been expecting. Tomorrow… Continue reading Super Tuesday Preview: Democrats