Unpacking South Carolina — and on to Super Tuesday

It took 32 years, but Joe Biden finally won a presidential primary. On Saturday night, he won South Carolina, and he won it big. Let's get right into some answering some questions coming out of this primary and heading into the biggest primary day of the year -- Super Tuesday. How did PPFA do? Pretty… Continue reading Unpacking South Carolina — and on to Super Tuesday


South Carolina 2020 Primary: Prediction

Tomorrow we arrive at the fourth contest of the 2020 Democratic Primary: South Carolina. Before I get into the punditry and predictions, there are several pieces of important context to first address. 1. The delegate standings Even this context needs context: Bernie Sanders is winning, but some argue he's not turning out the "new voters"… Continue reading South Carolina 2020 Primary: Prediction

Unpacking Nevada — and on to South Carolina

As expected, Bernie Sanders secured a big Nevada win on Saturday, and he remains by far the likeliest Democratic nominee. And yet, perhaps -- just perhaps -- anti-Bernie Democrats were offered a glimmer of hope all the same. I'll circle back to that soon. For now, let's work our way up Nevada's results. PPFA has… Continue reading Unpacking Nevada — and on to South Carolina