South Carolina (D) Primary Preview

It'll be Hillary Clinton. By a lot. Like, by 30. As the polls show, there is no drama here: We should probably throw out the Clemson poll on account of its anomalous 50-point spread, but consider that it's only one of two South Carolina polls taken since Clinton's Nevada victory. Those old polls from mid-February… Continue reading South Carolina (D) Primary Preview


Another PPFA Victory Lap

Presidential Politics for America is on a major heater. Remember Iowa? In addition to my "Clinton by a nose" prediction (she won by three-tenths of a percent), there was the following: After such success, I decided to expand my predictions down the board for the next state. However, a slight stumble regarding winning margins in… Continue reading Another PPFA Victory Lap

Nevada (D) and South Carolina (R) Predictions

(Note: it is crazy busy at PPFA headquarters as I struggle to keep up with a pile of work whose size could reasonably be described as Christie-esque. Sorry for the absence the last two days and any days to come.) Today the parties split their schedules. Here are the February contests which lead up to March 1's Super… Continue reading Nevada (D) and South Carolina (R) Predictions

The Thrilla in South Carolinna (Sorry)

(Author's note: This is PPFA's 100th post at WordPress! [Here was the first... on Trump, of course] Not bad for five months of work. There has been an uptick in readership these last couple weeks, thus my ongoing efforts. Thanks so much for reading. )  We're just four days from our next pair of contests. On Saturday, the… Continue reading The Thrilla in South Carolinna (Sorry)