PPFA Veepstakes: Part 3 (Trump)

Part I: Intro to Veepstakes Part II: Clinton Veepstakes Now it's time for Part III: Trump Veepstakes (not to be confused with Trump Steaks, something almost totally different) Who knows? We can't rule out anything with this guy. Sarah Palin is on the table. Mark Cuban is on the table. American Pharoah is on the… Continue reading PPFA Veepstakes: Part 3 (Trump)


PPFA Veepstakes: Part 2 (Clinton)

We stuck our toe into the Veepstakes in Part 1. Now it's time to dive in. Here are my VP rankings for presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Honorable mention: Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont, runner up in 2016 Democratic Primary He had an honorable campaign and won over 42 percent of the vote in the Democratic Primary.… Continue reading PPFA Veepstakes: Part 2 (Clinton)

PPFA Veepstakes: Part 1

PPFA note: I hate to gloss over the tragic massacre in Orlando, but I'm too steamed to talk about it. The event itself is devastating enough, but the social media war between liberal and conservative friends adds insult to injury. Democrats blame guns and homophobia. Republicans blame Islam and political correctness. With almost religious conviction,… Continue reading PPFA Veepstakes: Part 1