Aligning the 2020 Democrats with Their 2016 Republican Counterparts

Depending on what one considers a "major candidate," the 2020 Democratic field, at some point, became the largest presidential field in American history. The last record holder did not hold the crown for long. Now relegated to "second largest" status is the 2016 Republican Primary. I thought it might be fun -- and perhaps even… Continue reading Aligning the 2020 Democrats with Their 2016 Republican Counterparts


The Coronation of Donald Trump

It's happening. Donald Trump is going to win big in Indiana, allowing him to do the same in the next nine states. He has gone from a laughing stock to one election from the Oval Office. From reality TV to avatar of the angry masses. From Birtherism conspiracy to the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. Tonight, in one… Continue reading The Coronation of Donald Trump

Help us, Indiana. You’re our only hope.

Right now (Click that for full effect), in a state not too far away. . . .  It is a period of Republican civil war. Rebel forces, striking from a conservative base, have won few victories against the evil Trumpactic Empire. During the battles, Rebel forces struggle to win enough delegates to stop the Empire's ultimate weapon, the TRUMP STAR, an… Continue reading Help us, Indiana. You’re our only hope.

Cruz, Kasich, and Carly Craziness

You know, for a primary that's clearly over (or, at least, one that will be clear to everyone who doesn't realize it four days from now), our road toward Trump's nomination continues to have some fun twists. Just when you thought this primary cycle couldn't get any stranger, Ted Cruz, who has almost no chance at the nomination, picked Carly… Continue reading Cruz, Kasich, and Carly Craziness

Trump Dominates, PPFA Compensates

I hate to say I told you so. Wait, no, I looooove saying I told you so. And frankly, I need to say I told you so. In my slow scale from the depths of "Marco Rubio will win the Republican Primary," every step counts. If you want analysis, skip to the end or come back later… Continue reading Trump Dominates, PPFA Compensates

I95 Tuesday Preview

To find the last time we had five primaries on one day, we'd have to go all the way back to March 15. In fact, today will only be the third time (after Super Tuesday and March 15) that either party has five contests in one day. So it sounds consequential, doesn't it? Usually, my previews try to… Continue reading I95 Tuesday Preview

The John Kasich Post

Just suppose the Republican Primary had a guy with a conservative record, who was a popular governor of a massive swing state, had experience at every level of government, and who dramatically outperformed all other Republicans in general election polling against the likely Democratic opponent. That seems to check off all the important Republican boxes, doesn't it? Conservative: check. Governor: check.… Continue reading The John Kasich Post

Are the Primaries “Rigged”?

In many ways, following politics is like following sports. There are the terms: comeback, blowout, brawl, momentum, who's ahead, who's behind, knockout punch, and so many more. There are the colors: red team, blue team (green team!). Most of all, there's the innate disposition of the fans. We root for "Team X" usually because we're instructed to by… Continue reading Are the Primaries “Rigged”?

New York Analysis

Here are the latest results from New York's minute:: Trump will probably come in at 90 delegates, a figure I predicted as early as two weeks ago and again on Sunday, while Clinton's 57.9 percent is a couple ticks higher than the 56 percent I predicted for her yesterday. How much did each of our five remaining candidates… Continue reading New York Analysis

End Game: How Trump Reaches 1,237

(Note: this post doubles as my New York Primary preview for the GOP, since the only suspense is how many of the state's 95 delegates Kasich and Cruz can siphon from Trump's impending triumph. On Tuesday I'll have a New York Primary Preview for the marginally more dramatic Democratic Primary, which will serve as conclusion to Tuesday's "Sanders… Continue reading End Game: How Trump Reaches 1,237