Quick Hit Friday: PPFA Preps You for Some 2020 Centennials

For the last Quick Hit Friday of 2019, I’d like to preview some major anniversaries of historical moments we’ll experience in 2020. The closest I’ve come to doing that was on New Year’s Day 2018, when I published a piece on tumultuous 1968 as we arrived at its 50th anniversary. (I meant to follow that up with a similar piece on New Year’s Day 2019, when I saw 1619 as a huge year in American history for multiple reasons, but then I forgot. Fortunately, the New York Times did a good enough job mangling it in my stead.)

Today, however, I’d just like to give a brief overview of some historical events from the last thousand years that will celebrate some iteration of a “centennial” in 2020. We’ll start with…

1020: The death of famed Viking explorer Leif Ericson, who either got his name from his father, Eric the Red, or his mother, Þjóðhildur. Hard to say.

What we do know is that he reached the Americas nearly five centuries before the most influential figure in Western history did, which kinda makes you wonder if ‘ole Leif is slept on historically. I say next year, on the thousandth anniversary of his death, we all re-name Columbus Day to Leif Ericson Day. Who’s with me?

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