Rubio Wins Puerto Rico

As expected (and hoped for) this morning, Marco Rubio has won the Puerto Rico Primary. He did it with somewhere in the neighborhood of three-quarters of its vote, comfortably clearing the majority needed to sweep all 23 of the territory's delegates. His detractors will spin this as a meaningless victory from a non-state, while his supporters… Continue reading Rubio Wins Puerto Rico

¡Vamos a Puerto Rico!

With Saturday's four Republican states behind us, today the GOP turns to its first non-state: the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. (The Democrats also head to Maine, which is mostly known for being the exact opposite of Puerto Rico.) It's just one contest worth a mere 23 delegates, so this I'll keep this short. ("Hallelujah!" -Everyone)… Continue reading ¡Vamos a Puerto Rico!