It’s Not Just about January 6

I'm not breaking news when I say that at any given time, half the country doesn’t want to talk about important things we have to deal with. These days, for example, Democrats don’t want to talk about the effects of their myopic fiscal policy on inflation. They don’t want to talk about progressive policies leading… Continue reading It’s Not Just about January 6


Six Days Out: The Race for the Presidency

Yesterday, I determined that the safest bet of this election was that the House of Representatives stays in Democratic hands. In contrast, I wouldn't feel confident wagering on the the presidential and Senate results. Of the two, I feel more confident -- or, that is, less unconfident -- in the presidential race, so today it… Continue reading Six Days Out: The Race for the Presidency

“FAQs: Impeachment” Redux (with a new intro)

(Author's note: Today's post is mostly a copy & paste from an earlier one. Posted almost exactly a year ago, the piece explored the process of impeachment as we all braced for Bob Mueller's report and testimony, which in retrospect we now know was as riveting as it was game-changing. I thought it appropriate, on… Continue reading “FAQs: Impeachment” Redux (with a new intro)

FAQs: Impeachment

Okay, I'll bite. Some readers have noticed that I generally avoid Mueller speculation on this website, an approach that stands in diametrical opposition to the media's favorite obsession of the past 18 months. (Yes, it's been exactly 18 months since Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Bob Mueller as special counsel on May 17, 2017.) It's… Continue reading FAQs: Impeachment

The Implications of Trump’s Rising Polls

One year ago, I wrote about President Trump's inevitable rise in the polls. I brought up how Democrats organized protests throughout President Nixon's first term before he earned his 49-state re-election. I noted President Reagan's early unpopularity -- even worse than Trump's right now -- before he, too, won 49 states.  And now, Gallup has given… Continue reading The Implications of Trump’s Rising Polls

Oops!… He Did It Again (And He’s Running Again, Too)

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump, for the second time this year, held a televised, high-profile, bipartisan sit down with members of Congress. The subject was how to best remedy America's school-shooting epidemic. If we think back to 2018's first such meeting, which addressed DACA, we'll recall Trump's performance was a bit of a head-scratcher. I… Continue reading Oops!… He Did It Again (And He’s Running Again, Too)

The President’s Poor Polling

President Trump's approval rating has steadily fallen throughout his presidency. According to Real Clear Politics, which charts all major presidential polling, his first few weeks as commander-in-chief saw Trump bobbing above water as often as he sank below it: Since then, of course, those numbers have grown increasingly bleak. Trump has had a net-negative approval… Continue reading The President’s Poor Polling

It’s All About That Base

Today, Presidential Politics for America covers:  President Trump's continued support from his voters His controversial decision on transgender American soldiers His perpetual war with the media and Hillary Clinton The decision to replace his Chief of Staff The potential effects of his ongoing struggles as POTUS Brace yourself, liberals: 88 percent of President Trump's voters… Continue reading It’s All About That Base

PPFA Quick Hit: The Syrian Strike

One problem with my new, slower PPFA plan is when the relevance of a post I've been working on for a couple days, like the one posted this morning, gets blown up by new developments. In this case, the destructive culprits were Syria-bound Tomahawk cruise missiles courtesy of President Donald J. Trump. Like many others, PPFA… Continue reading PPFA Quick Hit: The Syrian Strike