October’s Spooooky Power Rankings

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to another edition of Presidential Politics for America's Democratic Primary Power Rankings. September turned out to be a paradigm-shifting month in presidential politics -- not just with President Trump suddenly facing what would only be the third presidential impeachment in American history, but also with Elizabeth Warren's sustained pursuit of… Continue reading October’s Spooooky Power Rankings


The Laborious Power Rankings

Happy Labor Day, everyone, and welcome to PPFA's first political post in nine-and-a-half weeks. I hope you enjoyed your respite from the ravings of a madman with a hobby he can't seem to quit. There's no better way to dip my toes into the late summer presidential politics pool than with a Power Ranking overview… Continue reading The Laborious Power Rankings

June Power Rankings: PPFA’s Advice to Each Campaign (Part 2)

Yesterday, with Part 1, I counted down the following 19 candidates across four tiers, offering advice to each of their campaigns in the process. (May's ranking in parentheses) Tier 5: Small Solar System Bodies 24. Mike Gravel, former Senator from Alaska (previously unranked) 23. Wayne Messam (21) Tier 4: Unknown Dwarf Planets 22. John Delaney… Continue reading June Power Rankings: PPFA’s Advice to Each Campaign (Part 2)

June Power Rankings: PPFA’s Advice to Each Campaign

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but this Democratic field is pretty big. It looks like it’ll settle in at 22 to 24 major candidates, depending on one's definition of "major." Though we’ll almost certainly lose some between now and the new year, it’s not unreasonable to think close to 20 candidates will be on… Continue reading June Power Rankings: PPFA’s Advice to Each Campaign

Democratic Power Rankings: May Edition — The Top Eight

Yesterday's Part I can be found here. Reminder, this is not a ranking of current success. Rather, it's a ranking of likelihood to win the nomination. In my mind, the gap between Tier 3 and Tier 2 is the biggest gap of this Power Ranking. Many candidates ranked 9 and lower could easily swap places with… Continue reading Democratic Power Rankings: May Edition — The Top Eight

Democratic Power Rankings: May Edition

It's been a couple of months since my last Power Rankings, but I'll now try to make them a consistent post on the first Monday of each month. With Joe Biden's entry into the race, we now have its last big runner (barring a late sprint from Stacey Abrams). Though we still might get a couple… Continue reading Democratic Power Rankings: May Edition

Five Parts Into One: The Complete First 2020 Power Rankings

(Editor's note: This past week I ran the following as a five-part series to make it a more manageable read. However, I'll likely want to reference them all together in future Power Rankings and posts, so here I'm combining and streamlining. If you've already read all five parts, feel free to close out this window… Continue reading Five Parts Into One: The Complete First 2020 Power Rankings

Who Will Win the Republican Primary?

(PPFA note: this is the fourth straight post with predictions. For the Iowa caucuses tonight, click here for my Republican prediction and here for my Democratic one. For my overall Democratic Primary predictions from earlier today, click here.) Not only is today the day of the Iowa caucuses, but it's also the first of the month, which… Continue reading Who Will Win the Republican Primary?

January Rankings: Conclusion

Just four weeks before the Iowa caucuses, we have a dramatic near three-way tie among co-favorites for the Republican nomination. I'm  here to sort it out. After Parts I, II, and III, I've finally arrived at the top tier of the January 1 Power Rankings. Tier 1: The Co-Favorites (previous ranks in parentheses) 3. Donald Trump (3, 6,… Continue reading January Rankings: Conclusion

January Power Rankings: Part III

We've reached Day Three of Four in the Power Rankings. The countdown began on Friday with Tier 4 and continued yesterday with Tier 3. We now arrive at Tier 2. (Previous monthly rankings in parentheses, starting with December.) Tier 2: Come Onnnnn, New Hampshire! 6. John Kasich (6, 7, 5) 5. Jeb Bush (5, 3,… Continue reading January Power Rankings: Part III