January Power Rankings, Part II: The Big Four

Before we get to ranking the four most likely Democratic nominees, here’s where the January Power Rankings — the New Year’s Resolution Edition! — stand so far:

(The candidates’ December ranking is in parentheses. Candidates are separated into this cycle’s planetary tiers.)

Tier 5: Asteroid Belt

14. Marianne Williamson (17)
13. John Delaney (16)
12. Michael Bennet (14)

Tier 4: Dwarf Planets

11. Tulsi Gabbard (12)
10. Deval Patrick (8)
9. Tom Steyer (10)
8. Cory Booker (9)

Tier 3: Rocky Major Planets

7. Andrew Yang (10)
6. Amy Klobuchar (7)
5. Michael Bloomberg (5)

Now it’s time for the Big Four. They’re a clear Big Four according to the oddsmakers, who have them all ranked somewhere between 2/1 and 7/1, whereas Bloonberg is around 12/1 and Klobuchar and Yang are around 30/1. More exciting for PPFA readers, all four of them have shifted their Power Rankings slots from a month ago!

Let’s take a look…

Tier 2: Ice Giants

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December Power Rankings (Christmas Carol Edition): Part II

In yesterday’s Part I of the December Power Rankings, I counted down the most likely Democratic nominees from #18 to #6. Since it’s the holiday season, I also paired with candidates what their campaign’s Christmas carol should be.

They were ranked as follows (with the candidates’ November ranking in parentheses, separated into this cycle’s planetary tiers):

Tier 5: The Asteroid Belt

Note: Steve Bullock dropped out between Part I and Part II.

16. Marianne Williamson (16)
15. John Delaney (15)
15. Steve Bullock (13)
14. Michael Bennet (12)
13. Julian Castro (11)

Their Christmas carol? “Silent Night

Tier 4: Dwarf Planets

12. Tulsi Gabbard (10) Christmas carol:It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like a Third Party Run
11. Tom Steyer (9) Christmas carolSteyer and Gold
10. Andrew Yang (8) Christmas carol: “Auld Yang Syne

Tier 3: Rocky Major Planets

9. Cory Booker (7) Christmas carol: “I’ll Be Home for Christmas
8. Deval Patrick (unranked) Christmas carol: “Hark! Even the Herald Angels Say No One Likes You”
7. Amy Klobuchar (6) Christmas carol: “Baby, It’s Cold Outside
6. Kamala Harris (5) Christmas carol: The Twelve Days of Harris

And now we get to the top five, separated into the top two tiers…

Tier 2: Ice Giants

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December Power Rankings (Christmas Carol Edition)

Hello, dear readers! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Welcome to December.

As it’s the first Monday of the month, it’s time for another edition of PPFA’s Power Rankings. If you recall, the last couple rankings have had a theme. In October’s “Spoooky” Power Rankings, I identified what each campaign was scared of. In November, the month of gratitude, I identified what each candidate should be thankful for.

For December, let’s have some fun. This month, I’ll pick out a Christmas carol for each candidate — often modified with a presidential politics spin. You’ll see what I mean.

The big question for these rankings — where will Deval Patrick and Michael Bloomberg rank in their PPFA Power Rankings debut?? Let’s get to it.

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