January Power Rankings, Part II: The Big Four

Before we get to ranking the four most likely Democratic nominees, here's where the January Power Rankings -- the New Year's Resolution Edition! -- stand so far: (The candidates’ December ranking is in parentheses. Candidates are separated into this cycle’s planetary tiers.) Tier 5: Asteroid Belt 14. Marianne Williamson (17) 13. John Delaney (16) 12.… Continue reading January Power Rankings, Part II: The Big Four


January Power Rankings! (New Year’s Resolution Edition)

You were there for October's Spooooky Power Rankings. And November's Thankful Power Rankings. And who can forget December's Christmas Carol Power Rankings? Now I bring you the first Democratic Power Rankings of 2020 -- January's New Year's Resolution rankings. They're pretty straight forward, really. What should each candidate resolve to do this month? But first,… Continue reading January Power Rankings! (New Year’s Resolution Edition)

December Power Rankings (Christmas Carol Edition): Part II

In yesterday's Part I of the December Power Rankings, I counted down the most likely Democratic nominees from #18 to #6. Since it's the holiday season, I also paired with candidates what their campaign's Christmas carol should be. They were ranked as follows (with the candidates’ November ranking in parentheses, separated into this cycle’s planetary… Continue reading December Power Rankings (Christmas Carol Edition): Part II

December Power Rankings (Christmas Carol Edition)

Hello, dear readers! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Welcome to December. As it's the first Monday of the month, it's time for another edition of PPFA's Power Rankings. If you recall, the last couple rankings have had a theme. In October's "Spoooky" Power Rankings, I identified what each campaign was scared of. In November,… Continue reading December Power Rankings (Christmas Carol Edition)

November’s Thankful Power Rankings: Part II

Good morning, dear readers, and happy local Election Day! Yesterday, I ranked most of the Democratic candidates in their quest for the 2020 nomination. They were ordered as follows: Tier 6: Small Solar System Bodies 17. Wayne Messam Tier 5: Unknown Dwarf Planets 16. Marianne Williamson 15. John Delaney 14. Joe Sestak 13. Steve Bullock 12. Michael… Continue reading November’s Thankful Power Rankings: Part II

November’s Thankful Power Rankings

Hello, dear readers, and happy November, easily one of my 12 favorite months of the year. As it's the first Monday of the month, it's time for another edition of my Power Rankings for the 2020 Democratic Primary. You might recall October's "spooky" Power Rankings theme, where I identified what each campaign was scared of.… Continue reading November’s Thankful Power Rankings

Updating the Vice-Presidential Power Rankings

It's been over four months since I offered a ridiculously premature Vice Presidential Power Rankings for the Democratic Primary. It's now time to trot out what is merely a considerably premature version. Unlike last time, however, I'd like to make a true overall ranking. Though it still makes sense to rank running mate contenders alongside… Continue reading Updating the Vice-Presidential Power Rankings

October’s Spooooky Power Rankings

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to another edition of Presidential Politics for America's Democratic Primary Power Rankings. September turned out to be a paradigm-shifting month in presidential politics -- not just with President Trump suddenly facing what would only be the third presidential impeachment in American history, but also with Elizabeth Warren's sustained pursuit of… Continue reading October’s Spooooky Power Rankings

The Laborious Power Rankings

Happy Labor Day, everyone, and welcome to PPFA's first political post in nine-and-a-half weeks. I hope you enjoyed your respite from the ravings of a madman with a hobby he can't seem to quit. There's no better way to dip my toes into the late summer presidential politics pool than with a Power Ranking overview… Continue reading The Laborious Power Rankings

June Power Rankings: PPFA’s Advice to Each Campaign (Part 2)

Yesterday, with Part 1, I counted down the following 19 candidates across four tiers, offering advice to each of their campaigns in the process. (May's ranking in parentheses) Tier 5: Small Solar System Bodies 24. Mike Gravel, former Senator from Alaska (previously unranked) 23. Wayne Messam (21) Tier 4: Unknown Dwarf Planets 22. John Delaney… Continue reading June Power Rankings: PPFA’s Advice to Each Campaign (Part 2)