The PPFA Bump is REAL!

Last night, Amy Klobuchar surged into a third place New Hampshire result with about 20% of the vote. I feel roughly 100% responsible. Before we get to that, let's first unpack the results of the New Hampshire Primary. With 98% of precincts reporting, I'll go in reverse order of finish. 11. Michael Bennet -- 0.3%… Continue reading The PPFA Bump is REAL!


Who Will Win (Third Place) in the New Hampshire Primary?

We've arrived at the New Hampshire Primary! Even as I publish this piece, some New Hampshirite "midnight voting" precincts have already reported their results. And guess who has the lead... With a commanding total of 8 votes, Amy Klobuchar leads the pack. The PPFA bump is real! Of course, we've got a long day of… Continue reading Who Will Win (Third Place) in the New Hampshire Primary?

New Hampshire Debate Grades

A teacher and a pundit, perhaps no one is more qualified to give debate grades than yours truly. So let's get into it. (Debate transcript here.) Tom Steyer Picking up the ball dropped by Marianne Williamson, Tom Steyer is now the only candidate talking openly about reparations to African Americans. Asking for a "Commission on… Continue reading New Hampshire Debate Grades

Where Things Stand Heading into Tonight’s New Hampshire Debate

Oh, you don't think PPFA can write 2,500 words on one of the weirdest weeks in political history? You must be new here. Buckle up. What. A. Week. On Sunday, a saucy Superbowl halftime show gave us a predictable reversal of positions from conservatives and liberals, with triggered snowflake conservatives clutching their pearls and demanding… Continue reading Where Things Stand Heading into Tonight’s New Hampshire Debate