Nevada Analysis

First of all, I'm sorry: My predictions missed the mark, despite getting the top three right. I won't dwell on it. It's no big deal. Just 1.2 percent, right? Whatever. Ah, who am I kidding! I'm furious. About 900 Nevadans stood between me and another perfect night. I hope they stay in Vegas forever, like whatever… Continue reading Nevada Analysis


Nevada Caucuses (GOP): Predictable?

"Thanks for all your help, Nevada polls." -No one Really? Not ONE post-South Carolina poll in Nevada? Was it really impossible to have one conducted on Sunday and/or Monday and released by this morning? We've seen a slew of polls from other states, but none from Nevada. You didn't just let me down, pollsters. You… Continue reading Nevada Caucuses (GOP): Predictable?

Another PPFA Victory Lap

Presidential Politics for America is on a major heater. Remember Iowa? In addition to my "Clinton by a nose" prediction (she won by three-tenths of a percent), there was the following: After such success, I decided to expand my predictions down the board for the next state. However, a slight stumble regarding winning margins in… Continue reading Another PPFA Victory Lap

Nevada (D) and South Carolina (R) Predictions

(Note: it is crazy busy at PPFA headquarters as I struggle to keep up with a pile of work whose size could reasonably be described as Christie-esque. Sorry for the absence the last two days and any days to come.) Today the parties split their schedules. Here are the February contests which lead up to March 1's Super… Continue reading Nevada (D) and South Carolina (R) Predictions

Nevada Caucuses: Forgotten, Yet Vital

Most of the media, including the humble, adorable Presidential Politics for America blog, focuses on national polling, in addition to the numbers in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. There is, however, a fourth early state in the primary process. Before the primaries go national, both parties turn to the state of Nevada for its opinion on the candidates.… Continue reading Nevada Caucuses: Forgotten, Yet Vital