The VP Deba — Sorry, I Got Interrupted

Four years ago, after President Obama's listless first debate performance that allowed Mitt Romney to say whatever he wanted, Vice President Joe Biden stepped up in the second debate. My first line of a VP debate review I wrote for Construction Literary Magazine read, "As joltin’ Joe Biden’s performance came to a close on Wednesday night, the hibernating… Continue reading The VP Deba — Sorry, I Got Interrupted


The Vice-Presidential Deba-zzz…

"The eyes of the world will be on Longwood University on October 4 for the lone Vice Presidential Debate of the 2016 General Election." -Website of Longwood University Let's take it easy there, L.U.. Sure, thanks to this dramatic election, the first presidential debate earned a record 84 million viewers, and we can expect tens of… Continue reading The Vice-Presidential Deba-zzz…

Trump Picks Pence

Four weeks ago, before unveiling a culled yet seemingly comprehensive list of Donald Trump's potential running mates, I quipped, "Knowing Trump, he’ll pick someone I haven’t listed." Well, at least I was right about that. Mike Pence, who did not make my final list of 21, is Donald Trump's running mate. My inaccuracy is a familiar reminder of why you… Continue reading Trump Picks Pence