CNN, 2020, and the Horse Race We All Lose

In July 2016 -- about the midway point between Donald Trump's first primary win and his general election triumph -- the cumbersomely named Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy published an in-depth study supporting our suspicions: horse race coverage influences the race it aims to objectively analyze.[1] Most notably, in the Republican Primary, "major… Continue reading CNN, 2020, and the Horse Race We All Lose


The Biased Media

In the Election of 1796, the first presidential election without George Washington, the two most likely successors -- Vice-President John Adams of the budding Federalist Party and former Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson of the Democratic-Republicans -- found themselves skewered by segments of the press. Benjamin Franklin Bache, grandson of his namesake, exemplified the charge against Adams with a pro-Jefferson… Continue reading The Biased Media