Rubio Wins Puerto Rico

As expected (and hoped for) this morning, Marco Rubio has won the Puerto Rico Primary. He did it with somewhere in the neighborhood of three-quarters of its vote, comfortably clearing the majority needed to sweep all 23 of the territory's delegates. His detractors will spin this as a meaningless victory from a non-state, while his supporters… Continue reading Rubio Wins Puerto Rico


Rubio’s Achilles Heel

It's no secret that I love Marco Rubio's chances at the nomination and have for some time. For that reason, I was squirming in my seat last night during the eighth presidential debate. The big takeaway from the night is that Chris Christie did the entire field a favor, although he's probably too far back… Continue reading Rubio’s Achilles Heel

Rubio & Cruz: What Are They Thinking?

The dominant storyline since the fifth Republican debate has been the ongoing Marco Rubio-Ted Cruz. CNN told us that Rubio "keeps up the pressure" on Cruz. The Week outlines how "Cruz will try to destroy Rubio." And then today, CNN tells us that their rivalry is getting "nastier." Candidates with lesser polling -- including Bush, Fiorina, Kasich, Paul, Graham, and… Continue reading Rubio & Cruz: What Are They Thinking?

The Cruz-Rubio Showdown

Yesterday was my December Power Ranking, which revealed the following hierarchy (previous rankings in parentheses): Tier 6: The Dropouts 17. Bobby Jindal 16. Rick Perry 15. Scott Walker Tier 5: Moving on Up! (Thanks to Tier 6) 14. George Pataki (15, 15, 17) 13. James Gilmore (14, 14, 16) Tier 4: Still Basically No Shot 12.… Continue reading The Cruz-Rubio Showdown