Biden 2024: I Guess We’re Doing This?

Tuesday's State of the Union address made clear what many of us had suspected for months: Joe Biden, who entered high school when the U.S. had only 48 states, is about to run for re-election. On his first day in office, the 78-year-old Biden was already the oldest president in history. If he completes his… Continue reading Biden 2024: I Guess We’re Doing This?


Sorry, But We’re Halfway to Iowa and New Hampshire

Two years ago this month, we witnessed the 2020 Democratic Primary's first four contests: Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina. Two years from now, we might see both parties with competitive primaries in those states. This month -- February 2022 -- marks the halfway point. What do you think, PPFA readers? Are you surprised… Continue reading Sorry, But We’re Halfway to Iowa and New Hampshire