Iowa Prediction (Democrat Edition)

I've given you eight hours to digest my predictions for the Republican Iowa caucuses. Time for those increasingly exciting Democrats. The Democratic Iowa Caucuses I got Martin O'Malley in this one. Okay, maybe I don't. But his supporters? They might just be the most important Iowans in the state tomorrow. More on them later. A week ago, I became sure Bernie… Continue reading Iowa Prediction (Democrat Edition)


Iowa Predictions (Republican Edition)

Now that you know what a caucus is, it's time to talk about who will win the important first one. ONE DAY until the Iowa caucuses! I must admit that I'm torn on both races for the Hawkeye State. You know when this last happened? Never. The last time both caucuses were up for grabs was 1988,… Continue reading Iowa Predictions (Republican Edition)

Fifty Days Until Iowa!

Weren't we just at a hundred days?! And now we're halfway from there to the February 1 Iowa caucuses. Amazing. Let's take a closer look at them. Unlike the overall Power Rankings I do at the beginning of each month, which ranks the candidates in probability of winning the nomination, today I'd like to do my first… Continue reading Fifty Days Until Iowa!