Abortion, Part II: Abortion and the Law (the “right to privacy” & Roe v. Wade)

Remember, today's post will be reissued as an episode on PPFA's new podcast feed, available on Anchor, Spotify, and Apple. Go become a subscriber so you know when the episode drops! Now that we've considered some of the political and philosophical opinions on abortion, let's examine the legal ones. Today's post has three phases: A… Continue reading Abortion, Part II: Abortion and the Law (the “right to privacy” & Roe v. Wade)


Presidents’ Day Post: The Legacy of George Washington

Hello, PPFA readers. It's another Presidents' Day. On past Presidents' Days, I've shared with you my presidential rankings and some presidents' last words. Today, however, I thought I'd write about the president that inspired the holiday in the first place. Tomorrow, February 22, will mark 290 years since George Washington was born. Fortunately for my… Continue reading Presidents’ Day Post: The Legacy of George Washington

PPFA Top Five: Valentine’s Day Anniversaries

What are the two most romantic days of the year? One, obviously, is Valentine's Day. The other, for a pair of lovebirds anyway, is their anniversary. That got me to thinking... what if we combined the year's two most romantic days to take a look at some of the great Valentine's Day anniversaries we could… Continue reading PPFA Top Five: Valentine’s Day Anniversaries

Future Top 30 Addition: Elon Musk

In 2021, I wrote a book, a fact which, judging by sales, remains a well-kept secret. It's called "Who Made the West: A Ranking of the 30 Most Influential Figures in Western History." You should buy it. When I'm asked about the book, questions usually come in one of several forms: How are sales?/How many… Continue reading Future Top 30 Addition: Elon Musk

Presidents’ Day Special: Presidents’ Last Words

Once we approached peak-presidential politics season, my history posts took a back seat. However, on Presidents' Day, it feels like we can, just for a moment, ignore this election and instead look back at those who have won elections of years past. A year ago today, I ranked our presidents. Today, I'm providing color to… Continue reading Presidents’ Day Special: Presidents’ Last Words

Quick Hit Friday: PPFA Preps You for Some 2020 Centennials

For the last Quick Hit Friday of 2019, I'd like to preview some major anniversaries of historical moments we'll experience in 2020. The closest I've come to doing that was on New Year's Day 2018, when I published a piece on tumultuous 1968 as we arrived at its 50th anniversary. (I meant to follow that… Continue reading Quick Hit Friday: PPFA Preps You for Some 2020 Centennials

The Five Most Important General Election Runners Up

From the writer that brought you The Top Five Best Secretaries of State, Five Fascinating Lifespans, The (five) Most Successful Presidential Runs From House Members, and Five Interesting Things about the Declaration of Independence You Might Not Have Known But Now Will, here's another patented "PPFA Top Five." Since Novembers are the month of general elections, I… Continue reading The Five Most Important General Election Runners Up

Ranking Presidents By Length of Tenure

Today is a big day in the Trump Administration. For today, September 16, Donald Trump's presidency is 969 days long, moving him into the 38th longest presidency. But who did he pass? And who are the six men to rank lower than Trump's 2 years and 8 months? And who does he have to catch… Continue reading Ranking Presidents By Length of Tenure

#4. John Locke

“In the world of thought, it was a political philosophy which made rights the foundation of the social order. . . . The first famous exponent of this philosophy was Locke, in whom the dominant conception is the indefeasibility of private rights.” -R. H. Tawney This ranking's "top six" captures the most important individual in each of Western history's six most important eras.… Continue reading #4. John Locke

The Liberalization of the U.S. Constitution

Wise or otherwise, it's currently en vogue for Democratic candidates to support replacing the Electoral College with a national popular vote. As expected, Republicans, who promote a purer interpretation of our founding fathers' wishes, push back against such a "radical" proposal. Today, we'll leave aside the two parties' obvious political motivations for their respective stances.[1]… Continue reading The Liberalization of the U.S. Constitution