Presidents’ Day Post: The Legacy of George Washington

Hello, PPFA readers. It's another Presidents' Day. On past Presidents' Days, I've shared with you my presidential rankings and some presidents' last words. Today, however, I thought I'd write about the president that inspired the holiday in the first place. Tomorrow, February 22, will mark 290 years since George Washington was born. Fortunately for my… Continue reading Presidents’ Day Post: The Legacy of George Washington

How Presidents Sell War: Part 2

The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries I have two tasks for you before you read the rest of today's post. First, read yesterday's introductory post. Second, do this five-minute trivia quiz, which asks you to list all the armed conflicts in which the U.S. has been involved. How many did you guess? Ten? Maybe 20? There… Continue reading How Presidents Sell War: Part 2