The VP Deba — Sorry, I Got Interrupted

Four years ago, after President Obama's listless first debate performance that allowed Mitt Romney to say whatever he wanted, Vice President Joe Biden stepped up in the second debate. My first line of a VP debate review I wrote for Construction Literary Magazine read, "As joltin’ Joe Biden’s performance came to a close on Wednesday night, the hibernating… Continue reading The VP Deba — Sorry, I Got Interrupted

The Vice-Presidential Deba-zzz…

"The eyes of the world will be on Longwood University on October 4 for the lone Vice Presidential Debate of the 2016 General Election." -Website of Longwood University Let's take it easy there, L.U.. Sure, thanks to this dramatic election, the first presidential debate earned a record 84 million viewers, and we can expect tens of… Continue reading The Vice-Presidential Deba-zzz…

October Obama

(Author's note: If you want to hear about Trump's rivalry with Miss Universe or the candidates' infidelities, I again suggest you turn on cable news.) Happy October, everyone! Tomorrow marks five weeks from the election. We're getting to that point where a major late development might have irrevocable consequences. In the past, such developments have been dubbed the "October surprise." This… Continue reading October Obama

No Contest

Wow. As the fives of loyal PPFA readers well know, this site has been pretty anti-Trump for over a year now. I had been constantly floored by his ignorance, made incredulous by his nonsensical answers, and laughed out loud at his and others' firm belief that Donald Trump should be President of the United States. But… Continue reading No Contest

The Four Possible Debate Scenarios

Is it actually happening? Is this real life? It's finally fight night at Hofstra University! Lester Holt is the referee, but we, the hundred or so million people watching on television, are the judges. What type of verbal pugilism can we expect from tonight's bout? The way I see it, while the details cannot be predicted, the… Continue reading The Four Possible Debate Scenarios

It’s Getting Real: One WEEK Until a Debate

TOBY: These two men are going to be side by side on the stage, answering questions. That's the ball game. C.J.: If the whole thing is, he can't tie his shoelaces and it turns out he can, then that is the ball game. TOBY: And I believe he'll have to do more than tie his… Continue reading It’s Getting Real: One WEEK Until a Debate

Trump’s Big, Bad Government

(Author's note: During my well-received absence from the blogosphere, the 2016 election continued to behave like a kid with ADHD. We've absorbed a relentless barrage of stories from a frenetic media. Since my piece on Hillary Clinton's disgraceful relationship with accessibility, culminating in my prediction that the race was about to tighten, the race has become even more… Continue reading Trump’s Big, Bad Government

Trump/Pence: New at National Security

(“Quick Hit Fridays”: Where all posts are apparently about previous elections.) Most experts would probably agree that the most important role for a president is head of state. In Article I, the framers of our Constitution created Congress to make the laws. Article III invested in the courts the authority to interpret those laws. Between the legislative and judicial branches, Article II… Continue reading Trump/Pence: New at National Security

Clinton the Inaccessible*

Having a presidential politics website in 2016 borders on scatology. Many Americans blush at Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the two major nominees, but I flew by embarrassment a while ago and am now more fascinated than anything else. A majority of our democratic republic has an unfavorable view of each of these candidates, and yet, democratically, they became the major… Continue reading Clinton the Inaccessible*

Quick Hit Friday: The Rare “Third Term”

(“Quick Hit Fridays”: Where short posts about dumb topics remain unread.) When it comes to the presidency, Americans have a curious relationship with change. On the one hand, there are built-in incumbency advantages for sitting presidents. By my count, presidents seeking re-election are 22-9, winning 11 of the last 13 times times and now three in a row. These numbers suggest an American electorate that prefers… Continue reading Quick Hit Friday: The Rare “Third Term”