How Trump Wins

A Trump surprise is not impossible. Let's start with a premise: on the morning of November 9, we wake up to an America where Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States. Let's also assume there was no catastrophic moment for the Clinton Campaign between now and then. Considering electoral projections on October 27,… Continue reading How Trump Wins


Debate #3 Rambling Review

I don't have time for thematic organization and flowing paragraphs. Time for some rambling. In the first debate, they shook hands before and after. In the second, it was only after. Last night, there were no handshakes. If there were a fourth debate, they might not even look at each other. In the second debate, the… Continue reading Debate #3 Rambling Review

No Contest

Wow. As the fives of loyal PPFA readers well know, this site has been pretty anti-Trump for over a year now. I had been constantly floored by his ignorance, made incredulous by his nonsensical answers, and laughed out loud at his and others' firm belief that Donald Trump should be President of the United States. But… Continue reading No Contest

The Four Possible Debate Scenarios

Is it actually happening? Is this real life? It's finally fight night at Hofstra University! Lester Holt is the referee, but we, the hundred or so million people watching on television, are the judges. What type of verbal pugilism can we expect from tonight's bout? The way I see it, while the details cannot be predicted, the… Continue reading The Four Possible Debate Scenarios

It’s Getting Real: One WEEK Until a Debate

TOBY: These two men are going to be side by side on the stage, answering questions. That's the ball game. C.J.: If the whole thing is, he can't tie his shoelaces and it turns out he can, then that is the ball game. TOBY: And I believe he'll have to do more than tie his… Continue reading It’s Getting Real: One WEEK Until a Debate

Trump’s Big, Bad Government

(Author's note: During my well-received absence from the blogosphere, the 2016 election continued to behave like a kid with ADHD. We've absorbed a relentless barrage of stories from a frenetic media. Since my piece on Hillary Clinton's disgraceful relationship with accessibility, culminating in my prediction that the race was about to tighten, the race has become even more… Continue reading Trump’s Big, Bad Government

Trump Picks Pence

Four weeks ago, before unveiling a culled yet seemingly comprehensive list of Donald Trump's potential running mates, I quipped, "Knowing Trump, he’ll pick someone I haven’t listed." Well, at least I was right about that. Mike Pence, who did not make my final list of 21, is Donald Trump's running mate. My inaccuracy is a familiar reminder of why you… Continue reading Trump Picks Pence

PPFA Veepstakes: Part 3 (Trump)

Part I: Intro to Veepstakes Part II: Clinton Veepstakes Now it's time for Part III: Trump Veepstakes (not to be confused with Trump Steaks, something almost totally different) Who knows? We can't rule out anything with this guy. Sarah Palin is on the table. Mark Cuban is on the table. American Pharoah is on the… Continue reading PPFA Veepstakes: Part 3 (Trump)

Trump’s True Motivation?

One of Hillary Clinton's general election strategies will come right out of the Obama 2012 playbook -- painting Donald Trump as out of touch with the American people in an effort to, as CNN puts it, "prick his populism." There are limitations to this strategy, unless it hits the jackpot: defining a new narrative about why Trump is… Continue reading Trump’s True Motivation?

Annnd Trump takes the lead

It's happening. For the first time, Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton in an average of national polls: Are overconfident Democrats scared yet? Are those who prayed for a Trump nomination because it "guaranteed" a Democratic victory finally regretting those prayers? They should be. While I'm well aware that the popular vote does not decide a presidential election,… Continue reading Annnd Trump takes the lead