Hillary Wins Big; Democrat Standings

"It’ll be Hillary Clinton. By a lot. Like, by 30."  Well, I was half right. She won by a lot. I guess we shouldn't have thrown out that Clemson "outlier" poll after all. Of the last ten polls before South Carolina, which dated back two weeks, Clinton led nine of them by between 18 and 29.… Continue reading Hillary Wins Big; Democrat Standings


Democratic Primary Standings (2/22)

(Author's note: for a far-too-detailed look at why delegate projections don't speak with one voice, click here.) How did Nevada affect the Democratic delegate count? It looks like of Nevada's 35 delegates, 19 have been given to Clinton, 15 to Sanders, and one is still being determined. Since the last standings, however, more superdelegates have declared,… Continue reading Democratic Primary Standings (2/22)

What’s the Deal with Superdelegates?

Yesterday I not only took a look at the Republican Primary standings, but I also went over why these standings are difficult to keep track of. The Republican standings, however, are a cakewalk compared to their Democratic counterparts. On the Democratic side, we have the same hurdles with which to contend, but the most obstructive one of all… Continue reading What’s the Deal with Superdelegates?