Quick Hit Friday: Comparing the Paths of Trump 2016 and Sanders 2020

Bernie Sanders is without question in the best position to win the most delegates in the Democratic Primary. He won the popular vote in the first two contests, he now leads national polls, and Joe Biden, once Sanders's top rival in this race, looks like a car driving down the road with various parts falling… Continue reading Quick Hit Friday: Comparing the Paths of Trump 2016 and Sanders 2020


Des Moines Debate DeReview

If you suffered through that snoozer of a debate on my recommendation, you have my apologies. Rumors of kitchen sinks were greatly exaggerated. In the end, no candidate tried to make this debate part of their final push to win Iowa. Why did they refrain from sink-throwing? I'll have my answer at the end of… Continue reading Des Moines Debate DeReview

Saturday Special: PPFA’s December Debate Review

The busy holiday season is here, which, combined with a hectic day at my real job, dashed my hope for a Quick Hit Friday review of the sixth Democratic debate. With an extra day to piece this together, please accept this extended Saturday special instead. If you had 9:22 EST in your office pool for… Continue reading Saturday Special: PPFA’s December Debate Review

November’s Thankful Power Rankings: Part II

Good morning, dear readers, and happy local Election Day! Yesterday, I ranked most of the Democratic candidates in their quest for the 2020 nomination. They were ordered as follows: Tier 6: Small Solar System Bodies 17. Wayne Messam Tier 5: Unknown Dwarf Planets 16. Marianne Williamson 15. John Delaney 14. Joe Sestak 13. Steve Bullock 12. Michael… Continue reading November’s Thankful Power Rankings: Part II

Instructive March Polls for 2020: Day Four — Bernie Sanders’s Viability

Author's note: This will make more sense if you read Monday's post: Percentage completion of March: 87 Percent progress to February's Visitor number: 86!! This week I'm deploying a desperate attempt to reach February's Visitor count by doing one short (read: under 1000 words) post a day with a theme: some kernel of illuminating information… Continue reading Instructive March Polls for 2020: Day Four — Bernie Sanders’s Viability

The First 2020 Democratic Power Ranking: Part III

This campaign season I'm comparing each Power Ranking "tier" of candidates to a type of solar orbiting body. For my first Power Rankings of the 2020 cycle, we've so far done two tiers: Tier 5: Small Solar System Bodies -- Insignificant Candidates No one of note resides here. Tier 4: Unknown Dwarf Planets -- Undeclared… Continue reading The First 2020 Democratic Power Ranking: Part III

One Year Until We Know the Democratic Nominee: PPFA’s First 2020 Power Ranking

The Democratic Primary's "Super Tuesday" will be held on March 3, 2020. In the largest single-day delegate allocation of the primary, at least ten states will go to the polls, including delegate-rich California and Texas. I expect, therefore, that on March 4 we'll know who the Democratic nominee is likely to be. This prognostication is based… Continue reading One Year Until We Know the Democratic Nominee: PPFA’s First 2020 Power Ranking

Checking In With the Democrats

(A post for those who aren't obsessed with Trump, Comey, and the Russian Federation...) There's an old Confucian proverb: what a difference 77,000 well-placed votes can make.[1] Since November, analyses of the Democratic Party have focused on its struggles at every level of government, including: Local: Republicans control 57 percent of state assembly seats in the… Continue reading Checking In With the Democrats