Democrats 2024: An Unranked Top Ten

That's right. The Microsoft Paint artwork is back, baby! Last post, I categorized a few dozen fringe contenders for the 2024 Democratic nomination, but I left you on a cliffhanger: the top ten. Below, I have that top ten. Please note that these are listed alphabetically. It's far too early for a ranking. 1. Joe… Continue reading Democrats 2024: An Unranked Top Ten

A Categorized, Non-Power Ranked List of Potential 2024 Democrats

After the midterm elections, I wasted no time pivoting to the 2024 presidential election, which is hopefully one of only a few things I have in common with Donald Trump. I first considered the looming Republican civil war between Trump and DeSantis, and then last week I evaluated potential 2024 campaigns from President Biden and… Continue reading A Categorized, Non-Power Ranked List of Potential 2024 Democrats

Democrats 2024: Biden? Harris? (None of the Above?)

Four years ago, when I first began writing about the potential Democratic field for 2020, I separated a bunch of candidates into tiers. In the top tier, I listed four candidates: One was Congressman Beto O'Rourke, whose gallant but failed run at Ted Cruz in Texas's 2018 Senate election earned him media adoration. PPFA liked… Continue reading Democrats 2024: Biden? Harris? (None of the Above?)