Biden 2024: I Guess We’re Doing This?

Tuesday's State of the Union address made clear what many of us had suspected for months: Joe Biden, who entered high school when the U.S. had only 48 states, is about to run for re-election. On his first day in office, the 78-year-old Biden was already the oldest president in history. If he completes his… Continue reading Biden 2024: I Guess We’re Doing This?


Implications of Democrats’ Proposed Early State Scramble

The Democrats are finally changing their primary calendar... maybe. Although the Republican Party, being the good conservatives they are, will continue with the traditional early primary states, the Democratic National Committee is looking to shift things around. For years there had been momentum behind removing Iowa and New Hampshire as Democrats' first caucus and primary.… Continue reading Implications of Democrats’ Proposed Early State Scramble

Democrats 2024: An Unranked Top Ten

That's right. The Microsoft Paint artwork is back, baby! Last post, I categorized a few dozen fringe contenders for the 2024 Democratic nomination, but I left you on a cliffhanger: the top ten. Below, I have that top ten. Please note that these are listed alphabetically. It's far too early for a ranking. 1. Joe… Continue reading Democrats 2024: An Unranked Top Ten

A Categorized, Non-Power Ranked List of Potential 2024 Democrats

After the midterm elections, I wasted no time pivoting to the 2024 presidential election, which is hopefully one of only a few things I have in common with Donald Trump. I first considered the looming Republican civil war between Trump and DeSantis, and then last week I evaluated potential 2024 campaigns from President Biden and… Continue reading A Categorized, Non-Power Ranked List of Potential 2024 Democrats

Democrats 2024: Biden? Harris? (None of the Above?)

Four years ago, when I first began writing about the potential Democratic field for 2020, I separated a bunch of candidates into tiers. In the top tier, I listed four candidates: One was Congressman Beto O'Rourke, whose gallant but failed run at Ted Cruz in Texas's 2018 Senate election earned him media adoration. PPFA liked… Continue reading Democrats 2024: Biden? Harris? (None of the Above?)