Sanders’s Swan Song

"Don't underestimate me." -Bernie Sanders, May 3, 2015 Thirteen months ago, when Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy in Washington, fawning onlookers dutifully recorded notes after their editors made them show up. Shots below. There were dozens of them. Dozens! Quite the contrast from the headline image, isn't it? Reporters made up a majority of those in attendance. Tucked… Continue reading Sanders’s Swan Song


This is a Problem.

How are we living in a world where Donald Trump runs away with Republican primaries while Hillary Clinton is still losing Democratic ones? This is a problem. To be fair, Clinton virtually secured the nomination before Trump did, but the fact that voters still resist her while they increasingly accept Trump speaks volumes about Clinton's electability. We crowned… Continue reading This is a Problem.

Trump Dominates, PPFA Compensates

I hate to say I told you so. Wait, no, I looooove saying I told you so. And frankly, I need to say I told you so. In my slow scale from the depths of "Marco Rubio will win the Republican Primary," every step counts. If you want analysis, skip to the end or come back later… Continue reading Trump Dominates, PPFA Compensates

I95 Tuesday Preview

To find the last time we had five primaries on one day, we'd have to go all the way back to March 15. In fact, today will only be the third time (after Super Tuesday and March 15) that either party has five contests in one day. So it sounds consequential, doesn't it? Usually, my previews try to… Continue reading I95 Tuesday Preview

Are the Primaries “Rigged”?

In many ways, following politics is like following sports. There are the terms: comeback, blowout, brawl, momentum, who's ahead, who's behind, knockout punch, and so many more. There are the colors: red team, blue team (green team!). Most of all, there's the innate disposition of the fans. We root for "Team X" usually because we're instructed to by… Continue reading Are the Primaries “Rigged”?

Quick Hit: Contests by Size (Democrats)

Last week, I mentioned Wikipedia's cool sorting tool for the Democratic Primary's contests. I used it to sort Sanders's victory by strength, from his Vermont blowout to Michigan squeaker. Today's quick hit will approach it from a slightly different angle -- sorting by the size of the contest and analyzing its results. There are 57 contests… Continue reading Quick Hit: Contests by Size (Democrats)

New York Analysis

Here are the latest results from New York's minute:: Trump will probably come in at 90 delegates, a figure I predicted as early as two weeks ago and again on Sunday, while Clinton's 57.9 percent is a couple ticks higher than the 56 percent I predicted for her yesterday. How much did each of our five remaining candidates… Continue reading New York Analysis

New York Primary Preview (Democrats)

For my Republican New York Primary Preview, click here. This is one of the rare times where the hype matches the stakes. If Hillary Clinton wins New York and most of its 247 pledged delegates, the math, which already looked so bad for Bernie Sanders, will have never looked worse. Let's look at hypothetical scenarios coming out of… Continue reading New York Primary Preview (Democrats)

Sanders Is Almost Out of Time. Almost.

All I want to do is write about the dramatic Republican race, and yet the topic I'm most asked about is Bernie Sanders's chances to complete the comeback. On this issue, you can count me as one cog in the corrupt media machine that thinks Hillary Clinton has this all but wrapped up, as she has… Continue reading Sanders Is Almost Out of Time. Almost.