Nevada Debate: The Night Five Democrats Stop-and-Frisked Mike Bloomberg

"Mayor Bloomberg, there's a lot for you to respond to there." -Moderator Lester Holt, just five minutes into last night's debateLike antibodies attacking an invading virus, the five Democratic candidates who have actually campaigned and won delegates in early states aggressively defended their party from an interloping billionaire. And it didn't take long.The Nevada debate… Continue reading Nevada Debate: The Night Five Democrats Stop-and-Frisked Mike Bloomberg


Des Moines Debate DeReview

If you suffered through that snoozer of a debate on my recommendation, you have my apologies. Rumors of kitchen sinks were greatly exaggerated. In the end, no candidate tried to make this debate part of their final push to win Iowa. Why did they refrain from sink-throwing? I'll have my answer at the end of… Continue reading Des Moines Debate DeReview

Des Moines Debate DePreview

Here we are, less than three weeks from the Iowa caucuses, about to watch the last debate before Democrats actually vote. With only six candidates on the debate stage, it's getting real. Some candidates have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at each other, but "last debates" are a great time to break out the… Continue reading Des Moines Debate DePreview

Saturday Special: PPFA’s December Debate Review

The busy holiday season is here, which, combined with a hectic day at my real job, dashed my hope for a Quick Hit Friday review of the sixth Democratic debate. With an extra day to piece this together, please accept this extended Saturday special instead. If you had 9:22 EST in your office pool for… Continue reading Saturday Special: PPFA’s December Debate Review

Sixth Democratic Debate… If There IS One… Preview

Another month, another debate in the 2020 Democratic Primary. Starting with its late June debate, the DNC has generally maintained a monthly debate schedule. That pattern will continue for at least one more moon cycle; last week, the DNC announced a January 14 debate in Iowa. There will then be three February debates across the… Continue reading Sixth Democratic Debate… If There IS One… Preview

PPFA’s Fifth Debate Review: Part II

If you didn't read Part I yesterday, now's your chance. I'm counting down the most potentially impactful developments from Wednesday night's debate. Yesterday's inclusions likely have minimal impact. Today, we'll take a look some potentially more important moments, starting with... 4. No one repelled Buttigieg's momentum. In the biggest surprise of the night, no candidate… Continue reading PPFA’s Fifth Debate Review: Part II

PPFA’s Fifth Debate Review: Part I

(All right, let's get some day-after content out there. I've found time to review about half the field. The other half will get attention tomorrow.) Whatever happened to good 'ole fashioned combativeness? Both my debate previews suggested there should have been a bit more acrimony between last night's debate candidates. Where was Sanders going after Warren's… Continue reading PPFA’s Fifth Debate Review: Part I

Quick Hit… Wednesday?!: Pre-Debate Polls

Though I was satisfied with my official debate preview from Monday morning, a few more polls leaked out in the last couple days, and I think they offer some extra layers of context for tonight's debate. Below are five such contextualizations. I'll list them in reverse order of importance, and, in the spirit of Quick… Continue reading Quick Hit… Wednesday?!: Pre-Debate Polls

PPFA’s Fifth Debate Preview–and thoughts on Bloomberg(!), Patrick(??), and… Hillary Clinton(?!)

We're two days from another Democratic debate. Two weeks ago, when I started writing this post in my head, I expected to tell you that this would be the last debate with a double-digit number of candidates. I don't think Cory Booker qualifies for December's debate (more on that below), so, at most, we'd have… Continue reading PPFA’s Fifth Debate Preview–and thoughts on Bloomberg(!), Patrick(??), and… Hillary Clinton(?!)

Fourth Debate Review in 1000 Words

Last night, the fourth Democratic debate gave us a record 12 candidates on one debate stage. For a couple reasons, my review of their performances will be brief. First, loyal PPFA readers probably need extra time to finish the longest post in this website's history -- a Columbus Day examination of the famous navigator's legacy, including an… Continue reading Fourth Debate Review in 1000 Words