Quick Hit Friday: Comparing the Paths of Trump 2016 and Sanders 2020

Bernie Sanders is without question in the best position to win the most delegates in the Democratic Primary. He won the popular vote in the first two contests, he now leads national polls, and Joe Biden, once Sanders's top rival in this race, looks like a car driving down the road with various parts falling… Continue reading Quick Hit Friday: Comparing the Paths of Trump 2016 and Sanders 2020


Instructive March Polls for 2020: Day Four — Bernie Sanders’s Viability

Author's note: This will make more sense if you read Monday's post: Percentage completion of March: 87 Percent progress to February's Visitor number: 86!! This week I'm deploying a desperate attempt to reach February's Visitor count by doing one short (read: under 1000 words) post a day with a theme: some kernel of illuminating information… Continue reading Instructive March Polls for 2020: Day Four — Bernie Sanders’s Viability

The Perishability of Revolutionary Time

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Wait a minute. After a convention that nominated Hillary Clinton for president -- the first female nominee of a major party in our country's history -- you're giving us a Bernie Sanders post? This is why practically nobody reads you, PPFA." First of all: harsh. Second, this isn't about Bernie Sanders as… Continue reading The Perishability of Revolutionary Time

Sanders’s Swan Song

"Don't underestimate me." -Bernie Sanders, May 3, 2015 Thirteen months ago, when Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy in Washington, fawning onlookers dutifully recorded notes after their editors made them show up. Shots below. There were dozens of them. Dozens! Quite the contrast from the headline image, isn't it? Reporters made up a majority of those in attendance. Tucked… Continue reading Sanders’s Swan Song

Are the Primaries “Rigged”?

In many ways, following politics is like following sports. There are the terms: comeback, blowout, brawl, momentum, who's ahead, who's behind, knockout punch, and so many more. There are the colors: red team, blue team (green team!). Most of all, there's the innate disposition of the fans. We root for "Team X" usually because we're instructed to by… Continue reading Are the Primaries “Rigged”?

Sanders Is Almost Out of Time. Almost.

All I want to do is write about the dramatic Republican race, and yet the topic I'm most asked about is Bernie Sanders's chances to complete the comeback. On this issue, you can count me as one cog in the corrupt media machine that thinks Hillary Clinton has this all but wrapped up, as she has… Continue reading Sanders Is Almost Out of Time. Almost.

Who is Bernie Sanders? (Part 3)

If it's your first visit of the week, you'll want to catch up with Part 1 and Part 2 of my quest to identify what candidate best matches Bernie Sanders. Today, I arrive at the answer. Bernie Sanders is Bill Bradley 2000 It's this comparison with a former candidate that makes the most sense. In fact, the next… Continue reading Who is Bernie Sanders? (Part 3)

Who is Bernie Sanders? (Part 1)

I'll start with a paragraph explaining what this post is not. It is not a post telling you who to vote for. It is not a post suggesting you not waste your vote on Bernie Sanders. It is not a post that argues Bernie Sanders is a bad nominee for the Democratic Party, or that he… Continue reading Who is Bernie Sanders? (Part 1)