PPFA Top Five: Valentine’s Day Anniversaries

What are the two most romantic days of the year? One, obviously, is Valentine's Day. The other, for a pair of lovebirds anyway, is their anniversary. That got me to thinking... what if we combined the year's two most romantic days to take a look at some of the great Valentine's Day anniversaries we could… Continue reading PPFA Top Five: Valentine’s Day Anniversaries

Future Top 30 Addition: Elon Musk

In 2021, I wrote a book, a fact which, judging by sales, remains a well-kept secret. It's called "Who Made the West: A Ranking of the 30 Most Influential Figures in Western History." You should buy it. When I'm asked about the book, questions usually come in one of several forms: How are sales?/How many… Continue reading Future Top 30 Addition: Elon Musk

The 2022 Midterms, Part I: History & the House

It's good to be back! This week on Presidential Politics for America: PPFA bragsPPFA charts the history of midterm electionsPPFA uses the history of midterm elections to make Democrats sadPPFA makes a Way Too Early prediction, a PPFA specialtyPPFA leaves you wanting more. Or less. First up... some bragging. I've been itching to get back… Continue reading The 2022 Midterms, Part I: History & the House

I Wrote a Book!

Hello, dear readers! It’s been a while. I haven’t posted anything in eight months. (You’re welcome!) Although I didn’t comment on the deadly attempt at overthrowing election results and hanging Vice President Pence (for the record, I was anti those things), know that my heart was with you, as President Trump’s was with the mob… Continue reading I Wrote a Book!

Five Days Out: What If It’s a Tie? (2020 Edition)

My last post, which ventured electoral math, ended with a scenario that give us a plausible 269-269 electoral tie between President Trump and Joe Biden. You might have wondered: what would happen next? (You know, aside from all the rioting.) If both candidates are kept under the majority threshold of 270 electoral votes, Article II, Section 1 of the… Continue reading Five Days Out: What If It’s a Tie? (2020 Edition)

Presidents’ Day Special: Presidents’ Last Words

Once we approached peak-presidential politics season, my history posts took a back seat. However, on Presidents' Day, it feels like we can, just for a moment, ignore this election and instead look back at those who have won elections of years past. A year ago today, I ranked our presidents. Today, I'm providing color to… Continue reading Presidents’ Day Special: Presidents’ Last Words

Quick Hit Friday: PPFA Preps You for Some 2020 Centennials

For the last Quick Hit Friday of 2019, I'd like to preview some major anniversaries of historical moments we'll experience in 2020. The closest I've come to doing that was on New Year's Day 2018, when I published a piece on tumultuous 1968 as we arrived at its 50th anniversary. (I meant to follow that… Continue reading Quick Hit Friday: PPFA Preps You for Some 2020 Centennials

“FAQs: Impeachment” Redux (with a new intro)

(Author's note: Today's post is mostly a copy & paste from an earlier one. Posted almost exactly a year ago, the piece explored the process of impeachment as we all braced for Bob Mueller's report and testimony, which in retrospect we now know was as riveting as it was game-changing. I thought it appropriate, on… Continue reading “FAQs: Impeachment” Redux (with a new intro)

Most Republicans Think Trump Is a Better President Than Lincoln. Yes, PPFA Has Some Thoughts.

(Note: I was hoping to run this piece as a Quick Hit Friday last week, but I figured a three-post week was all you could stomach from me. I gave you the weekend to recuperate.) The Economist and YouGov recently conducted an in depth poll of the usual things -- Trump approval, impeachment, Democratic candidates,… Continue reading Most Republicans Think Trump Is a Better President Than Lincoln. Yes, PPFA Has Some Thoughts.

The Five Most Important General Election Runners Up

From the writer that brought you The Top Five Best Secretaries of State, Five Fascinating Lifespans, The (five) Most Successful Presidential Runs From House Members, and Five Interesting Things about the Declaration of Independence You Might Not Have Known But Now Will, here's another patented "PPFA Top Five." Since Novembers are the month of general elections, I… Continue reading The Five Most Important General Election Runners Up