Next Week: PPFA’s First 2024 Power Rankings!

About a year from now, we’ll almost certainly know the 2024 presidential nominees for each party. By the end of April four years ago, Bernie Sanders had dropped out and endorsed Joe Biden. Four years before that, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had made it clear by May that their nominations were all but inevitable, even if they didn’t yet have their delegate thresholds clinched. Same with Mitt Romney in 2012.

In sum, although nominees aren’t official until the parties’ summer conventions, the pivot from April to May is usually when we know which candidate will get a thousand balloons dropped on their head on the convention floor. Therefore, with just a year to go, it sounds like the perfect time to debut my 2024 Power Rankings.

Perhaps more exciting than the rankings themselves, it’s also the time to debut the THEME of these rankings. Recall that in 2020, my theme was the solar system. In Democrats’ quest to take down the enormous yellowish-orangish blob at the center of everything (Donald Trump/The Sun), I organized and continually updated the candidates’ tiers by the mass of their candidacies, from small solar system bodies, to dwarf planets, to the rocky planets, to the gas giants. With my first 2020 Democratic Power Rankings, published in the spring of 2019, former Vice President Joe Biden topped the list as the gassiest gas giant of them all. Just over a year later I was proven right. Might I do just as well this time around?

Let’s find out. Here’s my plan:

  • On Monday, I’ll debut the theme of my 2024 Power Rankings, and then I’ll run through what’s likely going to be a not terribly competitive Democratic Primary. With Democrats having the incumbent president, I don’t expect any serious challengers, although I’d love to be proven wrong.
  • On Wednesday, I’ll get to the Republican Primary’s Power Rankings. As the party on the outside looking in, the GOP already has jockeying from major candidates.

With this thrilling news from Presidential Politics From America, this might be the first weekend you hope passes as quickly as possible.

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