PPFA Appears on Someone ELSE’S Podcast!

Hello, PPFA readers (and listeners!). I’m hard at work at the next post in my “How Our Parties Switched” series, but I have something that might tide you over in the meantime. I recently appeared on a super fun podcast called “Backyard Road Trips,” which is also the name of its website. Hosted by old buddies Zack Lamothe and Jim Wheeler, the podcast is a great time, both as a listener and as a guest.

In the episode, we talk about my book “Who Made the West: A Ranking of the 30 Most Influential Figures in Western History.” We also discuss why I write; why I write footnotes; what I think of the state of politics; what I hope to accomplish when I teach; how I try to efficiently balance family, work, and PPFA; and more.

It’s available on Apple, Audible, Spotify, and probably everywhere else there’s podcasts. Please give it a listen, and have a great holiday weekend.


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