New PPFA Podcast: ACTUAL Presidential Politics

This week, like last week, my podcast and post were on different topics. Yesterday, I wrote about judicial politics through the Supreme Court case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. For the podcast, however, I went back to my roots. . . .

I talked about ACTUAL presidential politics! Please add the podcast on your Apple or Spotify platforms. You can also listen to at right here.


3 thoughts on “New PPFA Podcast: ACTUAL Presidential Politics”

  1. […] For these and several other reasons, I think Republicans are virtually assured of a House takeover this November (perhaps the Senate as well), and Biden’s inability to stop it will make him look even weaker. His greatest singular accomplishment to his party and our country remains that he won an election his opponent was determined to steal, a victory that gave his party control of the executive and legislative branches and our democracy control of itself. Since then, however, victories for this overmatched chief executive have been few and far between, and he should do us all a favor and not run again in 2024. […]


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