“Could you imagine if…” (A Very Brief Pondering on Partisans & Their Media)

Could you imagine if President Obama, after a lot of tough talk, got Kim Jong Un to the table? Exactly how long would it take for the liberal media to coronate him as the greatest foreign policy president since FDR?

Could you imagine if President Obama had five children from three women, was caught on tape bragging about sexual assault, and was then embroiled in a sex scandal with a porn star? Do you think we’d be hearing from conservatives about family values?

Could you imagine if a Democrat presided over the last 15 months of economic growth, including record Dow Jones and Nasdaq numbers and falling unemployment? Just how much more would Democrats be talking about it as evidence of a successful presidency?

Could you imagine if that same Democrat presided over those same record numbers, only it continued the basic trends of the previous president, a Republican? Just how much would Republicans be contextualizing that current economic success as enjoying the fruits of the predecessor’s labor?

Could you imagine if, under President Obama, ISIS were in tatters and its Caliphate fallen? Would the liberal media hail him as the greatest military mind since Napoleon?

Could you imagine if the Supreme Court leaned left because Democrats refused to honor the Constitution and consider a Republican President’s nominee for the last year of his presidency? Would Republican Senators, during the next administration, consider even one Democratic bill?

Could you imagine if toward the tail end of a Republican president’s administration, Russia made serious inroads in using social media, hacking, and Moscow’s checkbook to affect American and other elections across the West? Just how much would Democrats hold that last administration responsible?

Could you imagine if Hillary Clinton won the election and there were the exact confirmations of Russian meddling and support for her as we’ve discovered for Trump, including an FBI investigation of her administration? Just how much time would Fox News spend chasing the story? Twenty-two hours a day? Twenty-three? Would the FBI still have become a conservative enemy?

Could you imagine if, at just one awards or late night talk show during the Obama Administration, the host deployed a majority or even plurality of his or her jokes at Obama’s expense? Would he or she ever again host anything except a house party?

Could you imagine if President Obama spent this much time on the golf course? What would civilian Trump say about that?

Could you imagine if college across the country had a record of barring or rebuking liberal speakers? Just how much would liberal media be waxing poetic about the First Amendment?

Could you imagine if the Congressional Budget Office and Joint Committee on Taxation both estimated that a Democratic tax plan would grow the debt by over a trillion dollars, even after factoring in potential economic growth? Just how much would Republican lawmakers lose their minds and chide the Democrats’ irresponsibility.

Could you imagine if a photo emerged at January’s end of President Trump smiling with someone as racist as Louis Farrakhan? Would CNN have shown the photo for half, most, or all of the month of February?

Could you imagine if Bernie Sanders had won the election and proposed President Trump’s tariffs? Just how much would Republicans be calling him out for his socialist, anti-free market ideology instead of rationalizing it’s some part of a long game despite him boasting about his protectionist vision during his entire adult life, including his presidential campaign?

Could you imagine if you could explain away the above hypothetical scenarios that reflect poorly on your side but applaud the unearthed hypocrisy behind the ones that help it? Are you aware the other side could do the same? Might there be a correlation between which ones you can explain away and the allocation of your media consumption?

Could you imagine if anyone came away from today’s column happy with PPFA? Is it time for a historical piece?


6 thoughts on ““Could you imagine if…” (A Very Brief Pondering on Partisans & Their Media)”

  1. Ian: I’ll give you this: You’re inspiring. DonaldTrump revealed to the world that there is enough well-organized bigotry, misogyny racism,hatred, and mean-spiritedness in this country (much of it appearing to be in theChristian church’s leadership) to support getting one of their own elected.  Donald Trump’s talent was making those traitsacceptable.  Now they have been elevatedto presidential.

      HillaryClinton’s biggest mistake was saying those traits were deplorable.   Couldyou imagine if she hadn’t?

      AsMurrow said, “Everyone is a prisoner of their own experiences.  No one can eliminate prejudices—just recognizethem.”    I wrestle with them constantly every day.  I don’t bring it up in conversatiion; maybe I should. 

      IfDonald Trump is not a racist—and it seems there is no consensus on the question—then there’sno such thing as a racist.   His racism is the one and only thing about him thatI cannot abide and that makes him stand head and shoulders above all his rivalsfor the crown he longs to wear.

    You’re right.  Your column did not make me happy.  But I accept that it is a fairly accurate assessment of the state of things. Dick

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  2. Ian, I like what you had to say. Wish more would gently point out these issues. Others being major networks, and the late night crew. Would be nice if they, and Fox, showed a balanced, calm perspective.
    One can hope….😇😳😊
    Also like brevity of this post🦉


  3. Insightful. Honest.
    PPFA “puts the shoe on the OTHER foot.”
    For those who simply can’t imagine an opposing opinion….

    A poke at partisan politics- not a sharp stick in the eye.
    Congratulations! One of your best.


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