This is a Problem.

How are we living in a world where Donald Trump runs away with Republican primaries while Hillary Clinton is still losing Democratic ones? This is a problem.

To be fair, Clinton virtually secured the nomination before Trump did, but the fact that voters still resist her while they increasingly accept Trump speaks volumes about Clinton’s electability. We crowned her queen of the party a long time ago, but Indiana still went with the progressive prince.

It’s obviously not as bad as eight years ago, when Clinton lost the nomination she was supposed to win, but the two primaries share strands of DNA. Democrats are, as they were then, resistant to her candidacy. They’re resistant to her personality. They’re resistant to her. In 2008, that cost her the nomination. In 2016, when she had more institutional advantages than any non-incumbent since at least Eisenhower and maybe Grant before him, she has lost 19 contests, including the one last night.

This is a problem. If she continues to repulse nearly half of all Democrats, I doubt her ability to win over independents and create Hillary Clinton Republicans. Her saving grace in this general election can be her opponent, but even that opponent has shown to have crossover appeal, even if he ends up losing members of his own party (and I don’t think it’ll be many).

The longer Sanders supporters resist her, doubt her, not vote for her, and refuse to support her in national polling, the stronger Trump will look by comparison, the more momentum he will build, and his viability will naturally grow. If Hillary Clinton doesn’t pick up a head of steam over the last dozen contests, if she limps into the convention, if Democrats don’t rally around her soon, we’ll have a new favorite for the Oval Office.

This is a huge problem for the Democratic Party.


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