Democratic Primary Standings (2/22)

(Author’s note: for a far-too-detailed look at why delegate projections don’t speak with one voice, click here.)

How did Nevada affect the Democratic delegate count? It looks like of Nevada’s 35 delegates, 19 have been given to Clinton, 15 to Sanders, and one is still being determined. Since the last standings, however, more superdelegates have declared, almost entirely for Clinton.

Like last time, I think it’s important to show the different estimates out there so you can get a feel for how wacky delegate estimates are. Like Iowa, Nevada also does not directly elect Democratic National Convention delegates, but rather delegates to county conventions. As a result, it’s reasonable to not count them in a delegate projection, though most outlets do.

Let’s take a look…

Democratic Primary Standings

CNN, using its own superdelegate count:

  1. Clinton 496 (+31 since last time)
  2. Sanders 69 (+17)

Fox News, also using its own superdelegate count:

  1. Clinton 502 (+108 since last time… must have found more supers)
  2. Sanders 70 (+26)

Green Papers “Soft Count” (Includes Iowa and New Hampshire superdelegates; projects Iowa and Nevada based on delegate equivalents. Both are subject to change — see first Standings post)

  1. Clinton 67 (+23)
  2. Sanders 52 (+16)

Green Papers “Hard Count” (Doesn’t count superdelegates; doesn’t count the Iowa or Nevada caucuses, which, as discussed, did not have binding votes for president. These are only bound delegates of this young process.)

  1. Sanders 15 (+0)
  2. Clinton 9 (+0)

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