Meme Monday!

It’s Monday after a holiday. You’re depressed. You feel fat. For amusement, you’ve turned to nationally renowned Presidential Politics for America. I won’t let you down — it’s Meme Monday!

Below are memes for each of the seventeen remaining presidential candidates. Most I found. A few I made.


George Pataki

This has to be his reaction, right?

Rick Santorum

He’s been running for five years and has a 0.3 RCP Average. I feel like this is how he starts all his morning meetings.

Lindsey Graham

Poor, poor Lindsey.

Jim Gilmore

And not just because of the resemblance.

Mike Huckabee

Patrick Stewart is such a good actor, and Mike Huckabee such a caricature, that no caption is needed.

John Kasich

Decades of public service, balancing budgets, and executive experience leading a crucial swing state….and half this party wants Trump or Carson?!!

Rand Paul

Please excuse the language. PPFA always tries to be family friendly.

Carly Fiorina

You know it’s coming. (Oh, and please excuse the lack of apostrophe. PPFA always tries to be grammar friendly.)

Chris Christie

Seriously. Hiking the hectic campaign trail is a constant calorie burn. Trump lost 15 pounds. Christie looks like he hasn’t left the couch.

Ben Carson

Ben Carson
How I feel almost every time he starts, continues, continues, continues to continue, and finishes his responses.

Jeb Bush

Except for Wall Street and ten percent of Florida.

Ted Cruz

Gooooooood. I can feel your anger! Let the hate flow through you. It gives you focus. It makes you stronger. Strike me down with all your hatred and your journey towards the dark side will be complete! (Sorry, I’m getting really excited for December 18th)

Donald Trump


Marco Rubio

This is basically a political cartoon, except it’s a photograph. Rubio is the guy with the hose. The house is the GOP. I’ll give you one guess — who does the fire threatening to engulf the house represent?

And we can’t forget the Democrats!

Martin O’Malley

Harsh, Ron.

Bernie Sanders

Because registering everyone under 30 is the only way he beats Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton



That was fun.

December Power Rankings tomorrow. We have a couple climbers!





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