Another Democrat Drops

And then there were three. On the heels of Joe Biden’s announcement, Lincoln Chafee has followed Jim Webb out the door. A small herd is further thinned. A few questions:

  1. What was he thinking?
  2. Can Martin O’Malley unite the Webb and Chafee voters?
  3. If so, could he pop all the way to . . . two points?
  4. Might O’Malley also win some Biden voters? He is now the last non-socialist male in the race, and the only one who’s been a governor. Does that count for anything in the Democratic Primary?
  5. With Clinton, Sanders, and O’Malley as the only three remaining candidates of a tiny field, might this induce another Democrat to make a late entry?

Late edit: I forgot about Larry Lessig!  Four candidates left.  Kind of.


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