Democrats Next Week

Tuesday will mark one month of the new Presidential Politics for America site. It’s been a great ride. We’ve looked at what Trump’s success says about the GOP and how his candidacy is, um, troublesome. I previewed and reviewed the Republican Debate, advised the Bush Campaign, and bragged about my prognostication abilities (it’s better to be lucky than good).  I correctly speculated about how Carson’s Muslim comments would affect the race. I debuted the site’s GOP Power Rankings. Most recently I had my most widely read post yet when I looked at Ted Cruz’s considerable chances at winning the nomination. It’s been a heck of a first month. We’ve laughed. We’ve cried. Well, at least Scott Walker did. (And probably John Boehner, too.)

This Tuesday will also mark something else — the first Democratic debate. I’ve ignored the Democrats — who have really made a mess of themselves — for far too long. I’ll have a debate preview early next week. See you then. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter at PPFAmerica.


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